May 10, 2021

You’ve reviewed countless resumes and held just as many interviews. You want to find the perfect person for the role, but you’ve hit a roadblock. The candidate who did gave a great, confident interview doesn’t quite have all the right skills. You want to hire someone who’s qualified, but this person really nailed the interview. So, what should you do? Is it OK to hire on confidence alone?

Why choose a confident job candidate

There are plenty of reasons to go with a candidate who’s confident in their interview. If they have the basic skills they’ll need for the job, it’s OK if they don’t have EVERY skill listed in your job description. Why?

Confidence shows honesty

A candidate who is acting with confidence feels secure in who they are and what they know. You can rest assured they aren’t inflating anything they’re telling you. Being able to trust a new employee is very important.

Confidence shows ability

An employee who is confident is also giving you a clue to their personality. If they enter a work situation where they don’t know everything they should, they’ll have the motivation to stick to it and learn new things. They’ll be confident they can succeed and believe in themselves to do a good job, so they won’t give up. Plus, they won’t be afraid to ask questions, which is important when learning anything new.

Confident people often mesh well

A new person who is confident in a new situation will get to know coworkers much faster than someone who is shy. They won’t be afraid to speak up and share their thoughts and ideas, and will quickly able to assimilate with and contribute to your team.

Signs of confidence in an interview

What if you’re not sure what to look for to tell if a candidate is confident? You can tell a lot from their body language. Do they have a firm handshake, and do they make good eye contact and smile? Do they carry themselves with their arms open and shoulders squared? These are all signs of confidence.

Also, pay attention to how the candidate answers questions. Are they passionate about their career and do they take steps to improve? Do they describe work experiences and accomplishments they’re proud of? These are also good indicators you’re talking to a confident candidate.

Need help filling a position?

If you’re having a hard time finding the right candidate, it helps to work with a recruiter. And inter-Connect can help. Reach out today to learn more about our staffing services and how we can help.

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