February 21, 2018

It can be challenging to find and hire top talent—however, your staffing function is necessary to keep your business competitive. Hiring can be both time-consuming and difficult, especially if yours is a competitive market where employee demand exceeds supply. For these reasons, working with a staffing agency to assist with talent sourcing provides a great advantage to your business.

Staff up with a recruiter

A recruiter helps in the following ways:

  • Finding qualified candidates. Recruiters have access to both active and passive candidates, so you can be sure you’re being fitted with qualified candidates who match your job specs. Plus, better matches mean fewer resumes to review and interviews to conduct, which adds to your time savings.
  • Access to large candidate pool. It stands to reason that access to a greater number of potential hires will make it that much easier to find just the right fit for your company. And recruiters provide this access.
  • Speed of hire. Due to existing relationships with candidates and expert sourcing techniques, recruiters make it much easier to find and place new employees. Plus, staffing agencies will handle some or all of the staffing process, from advertising openings, to interviewing, screening and even onboarding.
  • Mass hiring. Let’s say your company is expanding and you’ve opened a new department you need to fill. Staffing agencies can help you find and place multiple workers in a fraction of the time it would take to find them on your own.

You can rely on your staffing partner

Still not convinced? Recruiters stake their reputation on the quality of placements, and staffing agencies don’t get paid until you’re fitted with just the right candidate. They’re working hard every day to understand your staffing needs, review potential talent and place you with the staff you need to get the job done.

Looking to add employees?

If you’re looking for qualified, talented staff, check out Inter-Connect. We work with employers to understand your staffing needs, help you devise a staffing plan and hire the employees you need for short- and long-term success. If you’re currently in search of office or light industrial staff,contact one of our experienced recruiters today to learn more!

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