December 13, 2017

A cover letter is an easy and important way to send a targeted message to a potential employer. Beyond the information listed in your resume, your cover letter allows you to tell your unique story—especially information about your skills and experience. You can explain why you’re the right choice for the job, plus anything else that might need clarification, such as job gaps.

Five expert cover letter tips

When you’re writing your cover letter, you can create a winning piece of communication by following five key tips. Just check out these suggestions from staffing industry leader Inter-Connect for help writing a superstar cover letter:

1. Personalize your cover letter for each job application.

Just as you customize your resume based on the job to which you’re applying, personalize your cover letter. You should start with a greeting and opening paragraph that states who you are and what job you’re interested in.

2. Don’t repeat what’s on your resume.

A hiring manager will find your work history and education on your resume—your cover letter allows you to go a bit deeper. You’ll want to give more details about how you’re qualified for the job, what unique experience you have and why you’re interested in the position.

3. Tell a story—literally.

Stories are memorable, and that’s exactly what you want! A story that showcases your career passion is an excellent way to stay top-of-mind with a hiring manager. It gives a personal edge to your cover letter and can help move you to the top of the must-call list. To tell a compelling story, explain how something in your past motivated you to seek your career path, or how an on-the-job situation cemented your career choice. Tell something that explains why you do what you do and you’re happy to do it!

4. Include keywords.

If a hiring manager is reviewing resumes with a software program, keywords in your documents will help them to be chosen. This includes your cover letter. To find keywords, check out posts for similar jobs on sites like Monster and Indeed. What words and phrases are commonly used? Add a few to your cover letter.

5. Say how you’ll follow up.

In the closing paragraph of your cover letter, thank the reader for their time, note you’re excited to talk with someone further about the position, and include how you’ll follow up. A simple sentence that states, “I will follow up in a week to touch base about this position.” Then, call the Human Resources department and ask for the email address of the hiring manager—and shoot them a quick email.

A little extra work pays off

Yes, it’s time-consuming to craft a new letter for each job to which you apply—but it’s worth it! A customized cover letter will be noticed and if you’re a good fit for the position, it will get you one step closer to a new job.

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