October 10, 2014

Going after a job you want is often a double-edged sword. On one side there’s excitement, a thrilling adventure with new experiences and wonderful growth. On the other is a feeling of trepidation, as going for that job is often daunting and can cause a great deal of doubt, worry, and fear. Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of winning a production job, regardless of your level of experience. Yes, you should apply for positions in the production field that fit your experience and education level; however, by implementing certain tips during and after the interviewing process, you can ensure you will stand out from the other applicants in a strong way.

3 Tips for Winning the Production Job

Build A Portfolio

A production job requires some level of technical skill and possibly even a portfolio that demonstrates that skill in the workplace. As a candidate for a production job, you should try and compile some type of portfolio, in addition to a resume, that demonstrates your experience in the industry. Perhaps having pictures, blueprints, or notes from a project, and evidence of its successful completion, can be compiled into a booklet and presented during the interview. This will show that you have put time and effort into preparing for the interview and will also surely display the level of experience and knowledge you possess.

Show Strong Communication Skills

When you are seeking that desired production position, you should also rely on more than professional experience. Yes, experience in the industry is helpful, but it isn’t the be all and end all. Entry-level positions focus more on willingness, motivation, drive, and general technical abilities. However, personal communication skills are also key toward landing a job in the production industry. In order for procedures to run smoothly and everyone to be safe on the job, information must be communicated coherently among workers. You should make direct eye contact as much as possible during the interview and speak in a relaxed, professional manner to hiring managers. This can provide the best example of your communication skills.

Dress Well And Follow Up

Professional dress is appropriate for production job interviews, but don’t go overboard. A suit and tie generally won’t be necessary, as hiring managers are looking for ability and ambition more than anything else. Still, it is best to be well groomed, clean, and wearing comfortable yet professional clothing during all processes of the interview. You may also want to follow up one to three days after the initial interview with a polite “thank you” to hiring managers. This will display a sense of determination and excitement for the position and will also keep your name fresh in the managers’ minds.

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