September 26, 2014

Having underperforming employees isn’t fun, not for employers or other employees. When employees who are underperforming in their job capacity, their workload is likely to trickle down into other employees’ responsibilities, further increasing levels of disgruntlement and dissatisfaction in the company. This can be extremely detrimental to the company’s goals. Employers need to seek effective approaches when dealing with these employees while maintaining an atmosphere of professionalism.

Here are three tips employers can use right now to deal with underperforming employees. Keep these ideas in mind when approaching employees.

Set Clear Deadlines.

Employees that receive vague deadlines or deadlines that aren’t clear may feel that a certain project has very little importance or urgency. This can often result in the forgetfulness of its completion, leading to under-performance in certain departments. Employers should always give clear, precise deadlines to their employees, helping them to allocate their time efficiently for the successful accomplishment of work-related goals.

Communicate Personal Responsibility Firmly and Professionally.

Meetings on personal responsibility can be helpful for keeping up their general morale of the entire company, not just for those individuals who are lagging behind in their responsibilities. Communication is key when it comes to conveying a message of personal and professional responsibility to employees. Set firm standards that must be met at all times, making sure that these standards are communicated in a professional, caring tone.

Follow Up With Employees.

Continue to follow up with employees, asking them for their advice on how employers and fellow employees can help make the company and work environment a better, more productive place. Ask them about their job satisfaction, what can be done to improve it, and work with them to discover certain action steps can be taken to achieve their performance goals.

At Inter-Connect Employment Services, we are leaders in providing professional career advice for employers having trouble with their team members. We want to see our clients achieve their business goals and will go to great lengths to satisfy their needs. If you have any questions about creating a stellar team or wanting new ideas for approaching employees, please contact us today!

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