September 12, 2014

Employees are the backbone of any business, and many are dedicated to producing wonderful results for the company in which they work. However, there comes a time when employers need to give their employees that extra boost in their energy, usually through certain motivational techniques and strategies. Employees need a motivated team leader to guide them toward a successful result, no matter what project they are attempting to accomplish.

Here are three ways employers can motivate employees:

  1. Express interest in employees’ career paths.

    Sometimes employees may want to stay at a job forever, and sometimes they don’t. Despite their wishes to be elsewhere, let them know you truly care about their desired career path. Allow them to feel free to discuss certain goals they can accomplish in their job that will get them closer to their career goals. This will decrease the likelihood that the employee will become disgruntled or bitter over time. In fact, by caring for an employees future, they are more likely to give their best to the company as a whole. Also, those who are wishing to rise up in the ranks, so to speak, will feel more motivated to do so within the company if they feel their employer(s) truly care about their aspirations.

  2. Demonstrate occasional understanding of flexibility.

    Doctor’s appointments, weddings, accidents—all of these events require an employer to become somewhat flexible in their employees’ schedules. Many times, an employee may have to miss a day or more of work to attend to personal matters, some of which are unforeseen and unavoidable. While it’s important to show employees that the company can be flexible and understanding in these situations, make sure that it doesn’t become a habit. Employees respect a company that demonstrates a flexible, yet firm, understanding of absences.

  3. Listen.

    Just as it’s important to look for employees who have excellent communication skills, it is also vitally important that employers listen to their employees. There are many employees who have wonderful ideas for accomplishing new goals within the company, yet if they don’t feel that they are being heard by those in a higher position, they can feel unmotivated to put a plan into action. Also, employers want to know that their concerns or issues are being heard and dealt with appropriately. Just by lending an ear when it is needed can help make an employee feel valued and important, further motivating them in their capacity.

At Inter-Connect Employment Services, we are leaders in providing professional career advice for employers seeking ways of lighting a fire under employees. We want to see our clients achieve their business goals and will go to great lengths to satisfy their needs. If you have any questions about motivating your employees and creating a professional and motivated team, please contact us today!

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