September 5, 2014

Logistics professionals are in constant demand, and thanks to technological advances in the workforce, opportunities are increasing. More people are needed to operate these technological systems in order to provide proper flow in the movement of goods and products from place to place. Getting a job in logistics requires computer knowledge, communication skills, and relevant experience in managing the movement of products to its point of consumption.

To gain an advantageous edge in the logistics field, and to improve your chances of landing a job in the industry, follow these 5 simple tips when building your logistics resume:

  1. Computer Skills.

    The logistics career field will often involve the use of various computer systems, operations, and working platforms. This means that logistics job seekers should make sure they include any and all computer skills. Resumes should highlight knowledge of computer spreadsheets, word documents, and general Internet comprehension.

  2. Flexibility.

    All jobs require some level of flexibility; however, this is especially true for the logistics career field. The transportation of items can become delayed due to weather, unforeseen accidents, or holidays, making flexibility in one’s schedule and work ethic an important aspect many hiring managers look for in an logistics employee.

  3. Interpersonal Communication.

    The work of a logistics professional requires constant communication between employees and managers to ensure that all items are being transported to where they need to be. A gap in communication can result in confusion and the loss of goods, so professionals should always emphasize their communication skills throughout their resume. Communication skills should also be strong during an interview, an aspect that will further improve one’s chance of landing a job.

  4. Able to Analyze Complex Problems/Situations.

    Professionals in the logistics field will have to work under tight deadlines and must be able to solve somewhat complex situations in order to get the job completed within that deadline. That being said, make sure past work experience highlights the fact that complex problems and situations were solved directly and efficiently.

  5. Reliability and Proven Track Record.

    If there is a significant accomplishment that occurred in a previous logistics job, make sure that this is included in the resume. For example, if a company boosted their profit because the logistics professional accomplished a certain goal or contributed to a work project, this would be included in the resume.

At Inter-Connect Employment Services, we are leaders in providing professional career advice for logistic professionals at every level of experience. We want to see our clients achieve their career goals and will go to great lengths to satisfy their needs. If you have any questions about creating your resume or any other general job-seeking inquiries, please contact us today!

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