August 29, 2014

Employers must know about workers compensation regulations before taking on new employees, whether they are full-time, part-time, or temporary workers. By understanding simple (yet pertinent) workers comp rules and guidelines, companies can protect their liability and assets while keeping their employees protected.

Here are 5 workers comp facts employers need to know:

  • Accidents that occur outside the office may also be covered. Employers believe that only those accidents that occur in the workplace can be covered by insurance; however, outside injuries, no matter how far away from the work site, also have the possibility of being covered by workers compensation. If an employee is injured while running a work-related errand or while attending an off-site meeting, these still have to be reported to the company as a work-related injury.
  • Always report injuries – no matter how minor. Injuries must be reported, even if it is as simple as a paper cut. Employees who gain an infection of some sort from a mere paper cut have the power to seek compensation later down the road. Sometimes injuries don’t manifest symptoms until much later. If injuries aren’t reported, companies could be held liable and may develop legal troubles.
  • No-fault insurance. Many workers comp regulations in the US are covered by no-fault insurance, meaning that companies aren’t held liable for injuries that occur on the job. Employers are encourage to learn more about their coverage and their state’s workers comp regulations and rules in regards to no-fault insurance.
  • Contract workers may still be covered. Regardless of tax status, contract workers, freelance employees, and even temps may still be covered for workers comp. Make sure injuries for these employees are also reported, and seek more information from the state’s regulations on these employees before taking them on with the company. While they can be a big asset for any business, contract workers should be hired only when employers fully understand their workers compensation rights.

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