August 22, 2014

Getting a temporary position in a company can be a stepping stone into a permanent position, but only when an employee can provide a unique value to the company. For any temp employee who wants to be hired into a company for full-time work, there are certain things they can do to display their value and work quality to employers, possibly helping them gain entry into the company as a regular employee.

Temporary administrative employees may find they can go from “temp” to “hired” by following these simple tips:

  • Be reliable and consistent. Employers are watching, and they know when a temp is doing their job effectively. Showing up on time consistently, presenting valuable effort and performance, and maintaing a level of deadline reliability are just a few things temp employees can do in order to receive that full-time status. While this is not always the case, employers will definitely appreciate this quality. Even if the job doesn’t go to full time, employers may recommend a temp employee to another company.
  • Give more value. Always give more value than what an employer is paying, as this will surely skyrocket the amount of quality work that is being produced in the company. If this translates to bigger sales or more leads, then perhaps the company would seriously consider taking on a temp employee for a full-time basis.
  • Fit in. Maintain a positive and professional level of socialization within the team of employees, whether they are full time, part time, or temporary. No matter who is working in the company, always smile, initiate a light conversation (away from the desk), and fit in. While we are told it’s OK not to fit in when we’re younger, temp employees should maintain a certain rapport with fellow workers so employers will notice the temp’s ability to collaborate well with others in the business.
  • Gain experience. Even if the temp job doesn’t turn into a full-time position, know that this job will provide an immense amount of experience. This certainly has the potential for leading to a full-time position at another company in the same type of department. Also, if a temp employee develops a professional relationship with other workers or managers in their company during their temporary employment, they may have a higher chance of hearing about a similar full-time job in another company.

At Inter-Connect Employment Services, we are leaders in providing professional advice, aid, and help for temporary employers seeking full-time work. We want to see our clients achieve their career goals and will go to great strides in order to satisfy. If you have any questions about creating your resume or finding a stable full-time position, please contact us today!

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