August 15, 2014

The second quarter in the year has one of the highest turnover rates for many companies, especially those that do not adhere to strict guidelines in their hiring strategies or maintain a professional, positive relationship with employees. It is possible to maintain a low turnover rate in Q2 without having to apply fear or intimidation in the staff. In fact, by following simple, positive, and goal-oriented business implementations in a company, employees can receive satisfaction in their position and remain loyal to the business for a longer period of time.

To reduce the turnover rates in the second quarter, here are some simple steps employees can follow:

  • Be diligent during the hiring process. Often, employers will hire out of desperation, taking the first person that walks in for an interview. While this may be helpful for companies who need someone to complete a certain amount of work before a certain deadline, it isn’t always the best option for those seeking an employee of quality and value. Without getting to know the future employee and performing a rigorous hiring process, companies are at a higher risk for gaining employees that aren’t always reliable.
  • Compensate employees beyond money. While money is a powerful motivator for any employee to get their work done efficiently, it’s not always the main proponent toward producing a happy employee work environment. Taking employees out to lunch, having regular holidays and work hours, and celebrating birthdays or holidays can help provide more ease into the work day, aiding in employee satisfaction. When an employee is satisfied, their work often improves and they are more likely to stay on with the company.
  • Display regular appreciation. Everyone wants to know that their work is being seen and appreciated. By displaying regular verbal appreciation, even if it is in the form of a quick email or phone call, can let employees know they are making a difference and contribution to the company. The more employees feel appreciated, the more they are willing to do for the company’s success.
  • Diversify workload. By diversifying workload into each appropriate department, employees will have less stress and more time to perform in their own specializations. Employees that have an even workload are often contributing more of their strengths to the company and are less likely to leave compared with employees who are inundated with work that doesn’t fall into their line of expertise.

At Inter-Connect Employment Services, we are leaders in providing professional advice, aid, and help for employers. We want to see our clients achieve their business goals and will go to great strides in order to satisfy. If you have any questions about hiring or maintaining a low turnover rate in your company, please contact us today!

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