August 8, 2014

Where there is big industry there will always be a demand for light industrial workers. Getting hired for that first (or third, or seventh) job has become a bit more challenging in this day and age, with a surge of technological developments coming into the workforce and competing with capable workers. Luckily, there are a few things any hopeful employee can do to ensure a placement in any company seeking a light industrial worker. All it takes is a few tweaks to a resume to make all the difference, making sure employers notice a potential employee’s value in the company.

Here are 5 simple resume tips for light industrial workers and job seekers:

  1. Highlight communication skills. Any industrial job will often require the use of heavy machinery or electrical equipment, two technologies that can be potentially dangerous without the proper precautions. Communication skills are crucial for keeping other workers safe during the use of such equipment, and those that demonstrate these skills are at an increased need in the light industrial industry.
  2. Emphasize safety compliance/certifications. Knowing proper working safety conditions and having safety certifications will also pique the interest of employers, as safety in the light industrial workplace is crucial for keeping a job running smoothly and efficiently. Place these skills strategically and evenly throughout a resume, both in work experience and in a separate section entitled “Specialized Skills” or “Other Qualifications.”
  3. Briefly describe technology experience and knowledge. Computer technology is swiftly making headway in all industries, including the light industrial workplace. Make sure that a resume includes a brief yet specific indication of familiarity with basic computer programs and other relevant technological skills.
  4. Spotlight key specialties. If a specialty is in packaging or shipping, make sure these qualities stand out in the resume by using them repeatedly in each work experience section. By having a specialty or specific area of expertise in the industry, employers may see an extreme amount of potential for moving forward.
  5. Order experience from recent to oldest. As with creating all resumes, make sure the work experience is coherent, concise, and orderly. Keep work experience ordered from recent to not-so-recent for easy reading for employers.

At Inter-Connect Employment Services, we are leaders in providing professional advice, aid, and help for light industrial job seekers. We want to see our clients achieve their career goals and will go to great strides in order to satisfy their needs. If you have any questions about creating your resume or any other general job-seeking inquiries, please contact us today!

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