July 22, 2014

Respect is an integral aspect of keeping any relationship alive and well, whether it’s personal or professional. As an employer, gaining the respect of your employees is also essential to break past any communication barriers that may get in the way during important projects and business proceedings. Obtaining respect often takes time, something that will vary depending on each employee’s individual personality. The most important thing to remember when working on gaining respect is to give respect first and foremost, as this action of giving creates a positive workplace environment conducive for reciprocated respect.

Here are some helpful tips for employers seeking to receive more respect in the workplace:

  • Walk the Talk. Whether it’s at work or in personal relationships, people genuinely respect others when they back up their talk with corresponding actions. In other words, by demonstrating visible actions that display the values or demands of the company and its day-to-day business, employees will have a shining example of the amount of worth an employer places in the workplace. Employees respect employers who aren’t hypocritical in their actions, and will always find merit in those who display actions corresponding to key elements in business-making decisions.
  • Praise. In general, people love praise. Although we shouldn’t praise others to the extent of inflating their ego, employers should celebrate employees’ positive impacts and achievements, no matter how big or small. This will make an employee feel valued and seen, and will motivate them to reaching great lengths to maintain that level of teamwork necessary for the obtainment of all business goals.
  • Give. The first step in receiving respect is giving respect. Throughout the ages, philosophers have told us that the first step in receiving anything in life is to give that which we seek. Therefore, employers must be ready to give respect to their employees as soon as a connection has been established. People will often mirror what they receive, especially if what they are receiving lifts them up in a positive way.

Gaining respect in any way does involve effort on the part of employers; however, its payoff is far greater in terms of business productivity. Plus, it creates an effective working environment where communication thrives. Inter-Connect is one of the leading companies helping employers learn more about building a successful, respectful relationship among employees and employers.

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