July 15, 2014

Job searching during any time of the year can be work in itself, with resume building, networking, and putting together a portfolio all taking time and mental energy. The first quarter after the new year always experiences a surge in new hires, and is often one of the best times of the year to seek a brand new position. However, the second quarter of the year, the time of year closest to the summer, often slows, making landing that new job more challenging (but not impossible).

While there are less office and clerical positions in Q2, these types of jobs are still out there. However, no matter what type of job one is seeking, there are certain things an employee can do to improve their chances of landing a job in the second quarter. These include:

  • Take a temp job. According to a survey, about one-fourth of employers, no matter the niche, expect to promote temporary positions to full-time jobs. That being said, a candidate shouldn’t be afraid to take on a temp role, especially if it fits their skills and experience.
  • Emphasize flexibility. The aspect of flexibility in a job is often an essential element many employers are looking for, especially during the second and third quarters. Employers need to know that they can be flexible and meet various project goals. Since these projects are given to employees during the middle of the year, they may have been sitting in the queue before the employee was hired. That being said, employees must learn quickly and be flexible in their work approach in order to tackle new challenges.
  • Display your growth. On a resume, candidates should emphasize their promotions or growth, giving an employer the impression that the candidate can grow rather quickly in a position. Often, when employers hire someone in the second quarter, they need someone who can learn quickly and execute their work demands efficiently. Displaying one’s growth over time in a resume can be a very powerful asset when trying to improve one’s job search during Q2.

Employers are constantly looking for new talent to join their team. While the first quarter typically offers a larger number of openings, that doesn’t mean you are out of luck if you haven’t found something by Q2. At Inter-Connect, hopeful job seekers can learn crucial techniques for landing a position anytime of the year.  If you are searching for an admin position in the Tri-State region of Illinois, Missouri and Iowa, contact Inter-Connect today.

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