July 1, 2014

Getting that first job can be tough enough, with interviews, prolonged waiting and an abundance of stress all playing key roles in the process. Creating a stunning resume for an office or clerical position is also one hurdle that many job seekers struggle to overcome. However, by incorporating simple and easy-to-follow tips for creating a clerical resume, job seekers can rest assured that their unbeatable qualifications will get across to hiring managers.

Here are 5 resume tips that any office and/or clerical professional should always keep in mind:

  • Customize – Many clerical job seekers often submit a general resume and cover letter to job postings, hoping that their rather bland work experience will resonate with HR. The fact of the matter is, resumes that stand out are ones that mention the company and are customized to highlight past work experience that is more aligned with the experience necessary for the position.
  • Order – Resumes should be ordered and easy to read for professional consideration. Bullet points, short and to-the-point sentences, and bold lettering (for titles) should be used in the body of the document. Also, it is always best to order past work experience from recent to not-so recent, just as a means of providing a linear train of thought to hiring departments.
  • Lead-In – Provide a lead-in to the resume that consists of an objective of the position. This is also where customization comes into play. Create a short and focused objective, detailing the specific goal(s) desired for accomplishment in the position. This will also stand out and show hiring professionals that the resume took time and effort.
  • Relevant Skills – Often, clerical resumes consist of not only work experience, but of relevant skills obtained from the work experience. In other words, the main body of the resume should list the relevant skills obtained from past positions that can easily be applied to the new position.
  • References – The addition of references to a professional resume is always ideal, even if the hiring manager does not contact these individuals. Adding references strengthens any resume, giving it some validity in the terms of professionalism. By having professional contacts in the industry, hiring managers can see that the job seeker does have the claimed experience and qualifications.

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