April 24, 2014

Inter-Connect Employment Services – Introduction January 2014

Tim and Julie Bonansinga are the owners of Bonansinga & Associates, which began operating as an employment staffing services firm in 1995 under the name Snelling Staffing Services of Quincy, Illinois.  Since January 1, 2014, Bonansinga & Associates is no longer affiliated with Snelling and is now operating under the name “Inter-Connect Employment Services.”  

The new name is based on the Bonansingas’ belief that a staffing company should utilize its expertise to facilitate connections between employers, employees and human resource services.  Throughout their years in the industry, the Bonansingas have learned that the Quincy market is unique and requires a customized approach to employment services. With this in mind, the Bonansingas continue to offer their unique set of expertise and integrated tools to deliver customized services to their customers and develop a cutting-edge approach to meet their customers’ needs. 

These customized services, developed over decades of experience in the field and formal education within staffing, corporate HR and the law, have allowed them to produce exceptional results for their clients by developing programs that are tailored to each client’s company profile and needs. This has translated into fulfilling careers for countless employers and employees along with increased retention rates and dramatically lowered turnover rates for their client companies. 

An example of a recent hiring success story involves the Bonansingas responding to a client’s request for full staffing services to recruit and hire a high performance team to staff the entire new firm. The processes performed, included: interviewing all stakeholders involved (i.e., users, owners, managers) to prepare a job analysis; development of the recruitment project planning strategy; development of all online applications; customized interview modules integrated with the job analysis; multi-stage interviews; due diligence and verification procedures; development of strategic and legally compliant plans; development of project planning and strategy for each phase of the staffing process; development of project management task descriptions and planning charts which included review of deliverables, task accounts, schedules and progress reports; and developed a long-term project management system for the staffing of a wide range of positions. In this particular hiring success story, the Bonansingas reviewed and assessed nearly 2000 applications, conducted customized structured behavioral-based interviews and prepared portfolios on the most suitable candidates. The Bonansingas filled all of the positions to the client’s complete satisfaction and achieved 100% retention. According to the client, the results were, “unheard of.”  

In order to meet the growing need for advanced testing and back-grounding due diligence, the Bonansingas provide a full range of employee screening and assessment solutions and are certified to develop and implement behavioral-based interview modules, which are used for all of their clients. Additionally, the Bonansingas are licensed to perform live scan fingerprinting for services such as gaming, concealed carry, healthcare workers and healthcare residents; and have two full time staff members who are licensed through the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. 

Although the name of their company has changed to Inter-Connect, the Bonansingas remain the same hands-on owners they always have been, and the same superb staff and services remain.  In fact, Inter-Connect has recently promoted a current staff member and added another in order to provide their clients with more unique services, such as additional background screening services and community benefit engagements. According to Julie Bonansinga:  “Our recent changes will allow our team to offer more customized services, thus providing the community with more opportunities for growth.”  Moreover, an important focus of Inter-Connect is to offer more benefits to the community as a whole, and Inter-Connect will be addressing some of the community needs through its not-for-profit division. 

The Bonansingas are excited about the future and look forward to further meeting the needs of the community.  Please contact Julie Bonansinga at 217-222-7721 for more information.

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