November 7, 2014

Applying for a job and going through the interview process can be exciting and promising in many ways; however, sometimes things don’t always turn out the way you want, especially when it comes to the job market. Still, there are many opportunities available in all industries that just may be a better fit. Understanding the reasons why you didn’t get hired for one job may be able to help you land an even better job in the near future.

Here are a few reasons why you may not have gotten the job you wanted. Understanding these reasons can help you reach for higher opportunities that may be more fulfilling for your career goals:

Interview Issues.

Arriving late to an interview will give a bad impression, so if this sounds familiar, it may be an area to focus on for future opportunities. Always allow enough time to travel to a destination, find parking, and find the interview room. Arriving early or on time will show that you are motivated and punctual.


Although appearance doesn’t display your overall experience and potential, it does reflect the mental process of order and attention to detail. By dressing professionally in future interviews, it may help show the hiring manager that you are professional in more ways than one.

Negative Talk.

Speaking negatively about yourself or your past employment can be a red flag to employers that you will bring unnecessary drama to the company. This can greatly impact your opportunity and pull you out of the running. It is always best to avoid negative aspects of past jobs, focusing only on what the learning experiences have provided.

Poor Resume Skills.

A resume that is unordered or doesn’t include a professional appearance (free from grammatical errors) can hinder your ability to land a position. Perhaps by getting a resume reviewed by a professional resume reviewer or editor, you will come across as professional and organized in the interview.

Cultural Fit.

Having the right skills is crucial for gaining success in the workplace. But, if you aren’t the right fit for the office culture, you are less likely to be hired. Building rapport is essential during the interview in order to gain a foothold.

Getting hired is one of the most difficult aspects of finding a new job, but it isn’t impossible. Inter-Connect is one of the leading companies for helping candidates learn more about building a successful career. To learn more about this, and many other similar subjects, email or call us today.

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