October 30, 2014

Going through the hiring process is tough work, and it can be daunting to know what to look for when trying to find the right candidate. Fortunately, there are some red flags every hiring manager and/or employer should look for when trying to bring someone on board. These red flags can save time and money during the hiring process, helping employers weed out the less-than-ideal candidates from the top-notch talent.

Top 5 Resume Red Flags

Here are a few red flags employers should look for when reviewing resumes:

No Customization.

Resumes that are general and unrelated to the focus of the position will often be discarded immediately by hiring managers. Only resumes that are tailored to include skills and experience regarding the position will be considered, as these indicate the candidate is highly aware of the job’s specificities. It will also display that the candidate has put the time and effort into crafting a personalized resume and/or cover letter that is geared toward the company.

Disorganized and Grammatical Errors.

Although many jobs won’t require an employee to be a fantastic writer, a resume should be easy to understand and straight forward in its wording. Disorganized past work experience and spelling errors tend to show that a candidate doesn’t have attention to detail. By making sure a resume is grammatically correct, employers can see that the candidate is not only articulate, but also has a keen focus.

Does Not Provide Past Employment Details.

If candidates don’t include why they left their previous job, this could be a potential red flag. Many times candidates simply left for a better opportunity; however, some candidates may attempt to gloss over repeated firings in their past. This could indicate that the individual did not get along in the work environment. If this occurs in a viable candidate, it may be important to make a note to ask the candidate, perhaps during the interview.

Ignores Adding References.

If a job description states that references should be included in the application and the candidate ignores this request, this could indicate potential concerns. They could’ve missed that part of the job description, which may show a lack of attention to detail. It could also mean that there are no references they can include, which may indicate negligible work experience.

Lack of Evidence of Achievements.

Resumes from highly experienced candidates should include some evidence of past achievements gained in previous employment. If not, this may either indicate that the individual didn’t achieve a great deal in their past jobs, or that they may be over-embellishing for the position’s sake. Still, the candidate may have also not included this information for fear of coming across as too confident.

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