July 10, 2020

An interview is your time to shine, but also your time to investigate. You may feel the main focus is on you; however, an interview isn’t just about how well you fit into a job opportunity. It’s also your time to determine if the job opportunity is something you really want and if you see yourself fitting well with the company. And you can do some important sleuthing when you ask the right questions.  

Five questions to ask and why 

First off, an interviewer expects you to ask questions. This shows you’re invested in the process and in your future. Not asking questions makes you come across as if you didn’t do your research or aren’t taking the interview seriously.  

It helps to be prepared with a list of 3-5 key questions. Here are some good ones: 

  1. What skills do I need to excel at this position? Know right out of the gate what you should focus on if you’re hired, or what you may want to work on to develop further. Also, based on the answer to this question, you can describe your current skills and any experience that will allow you to be successful at the job.  
  2. Why did the previous person leave this job? Did they lack skills that you have or may need to develop? Are there any red flags you notice? Use your gut instincts to evaluate the answer to this question.   
  3. What is your favorite part about working for this company? With this question, you may uncover perks that you might not learn from simply reading the About Us page on the website. What makes the company great, as per a current employee? 
  4. Based on what I’ve told you, how likely is it I’ll be chosen for the job? How is the interview going? This question can also help you uncover other aspects of your knowledge or work history that haven’t yet been discussed but are important in the hiring decision.  
  5. What other questions can I answer for you to help you make your decision? This straight-forward question will help you ensure you’ve covered all bases related to your qualifications and addressed any doubts or concerns the interviewer may have.  

Need help preparing for your interview? 

Preparation is the key to success! But if you feel you could use guidance getting ready, simply contact your recruiter. He or she can give you pointers to help you do your very best.  

In search of your next job? 

It helps to work with a staffing agency, and Inter-Connect can help. To learn more about our job openings or connect with a recruiter, visit us online today!  

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