November 21, 2014

Getting on the right side of an employer should be the number-one goal when entering an interview. Skills and experience will shine through in a resume and portfolio, so utilizing social skills is greatly important for enhancing the overall results of the interview process. Regardless of the interview, whether it’s in person or not, it is important to avoid certain actions that often get on the nerves of many employers.

Here are five pet peeves many interviewers experience during the interview process. Avoid these, and you will be on the right side of hiring managers:

Showing up Late.

When a candidate shows up late to a job interview, it clearly shows that you did not prepare well for the meeting. This can be very annoying to interviewers and can also be inconvenient for their schedules. Set enough travel time, even if it means being at an interview early.

Inappropriate Clothing.

It is OK to ask what type of clothing is appropriate for the interview; however, professional clothing is typical for any interview, regardless of the industry. Showing up in a T-shirt and jeans is very unprofessional and shows a lack of caring about the position.

Not Knowing about the Company.

Sometimes the interviewer wants a candidate to know about what the company does so that the individual will be prepared if and when they are hired. Researching the company and the details of the position will also show initiative and tell the employer that the candidate has an eye for detail and is eager to work for the company.

Talking over the Interviewer.

When candidates talk too much and interrupt the hiring manager or interviewer, it comes off as rude. Be sure the interviewer has finished speaking before answering.

Not Asking Questions.

As with any interview, the candidate is often asked whether or not he or she has any questions for the interviewer. Not having any questions shows that the candidate is indifferent to the position. It is always best to come up with five good questions at least 24 hours before the interview, picking the top three during the actual interview process.

Getting hired is one of the most difficult aspects of finding a new job, but it isn’t impossible. Inter-Connect Employment Services is one of the leading companies for helping candidates learn more about building a successful career. To learn more about this, and many other similar subjects, email or call us today.

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