December 9, 2014

Employers typically have keywords they look for in a resume, some of which are not as obvious to job seekers. While being detail-oriented is excellent, there are other skills and traits candidates must adopt in order to be highly desirable to hiring managers. Managing time and being a good researcher are helpful skills that span any field. If these skills aren’t present, they can be learned quickly.

5 Top Skills Admired by Employers

Learning how to use basic computer software, improving listening skills, and being time oriented are all important ways candidates can increase their chances of landing a position. Here are some of the top skills employers are looking for:

Research Skills.

No matter the type of job, research is sometimes essential for the appropriate execution of a project. Whether it’s researching a client’s previous business history or looking up research studies to validate the efficacy of a product, having the willingness and the skill to perform thorough research will always catch the eye of hiring managers.

Time Management.

Time is a precious thing, and it’s also considered money in business terminology. When time is wasted, so is money, and companies want to bring on those candidates who demonstrate time management skills. While candidates can certainly report these skills on a resume, this usually isn’t enough. During the interview process, always follow directions and pay special attention to any directions dealing with anything about deadlines. Follow up an interview with a thank you email within 24 hours of meeting the hiring manager.

Good Listener.

During an interview, candidates should listen twice as much as they speak in order to demonstrate appropriate listening skills. Employers need talent on their team that listen and take direction. Without proper listening skills, projects go by the wayside and the company suffers. Listening is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful company.

Computer Literacy.

Practically every place of business operates with the use of a computer and some type of computer software. Whether it’s the Internet or a word processing program, candidates need to demonstrate that they have a certain level of computer literacy.


The ability to take on an eclectic range of assignments demonstrates a candidate’s level of flexibility, one of the most important skills an employer looks for. Flexibility is crucial, especially in a field that is dominated by the constant evolution of technology.

Finding top-notch talent takes time and effort, and traditional interviews are not what they used to be. Inter-Connect Employment Services is one of the leading companies helping candidates learn more about building a successful and career. To learn more about this, and many other similar subjects, contact us today.

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