November 6, 2020

Many people are locked into 9-5 positions and have never considered a second shift job. But did you know working off-peak shifts comes with many advantages you may not have realized? If you’ve ever struggled with your snooze button in the morning, wall-to-wall traffic, trying to fit in doctors’ appointments or finding time to get groceries, a second shift may suit you!  

If you think about it, you’ll still be home while everyone else is at work, and this lends itself to a few perks you may not have considered.   

Less hectic mornings 

Second shifts usually start late morning or even early afternoon. So, if you want to stay up a little later at night watching Netflix, no problem. You’ll be able to sleep in, have your breakfast and coffee, check the morning news and enjoy a much more leisurely time as you prepare for your shift. Gone are the days of scrambling around, half asleep!  

Easier commute 

Traffic jams? Erratic morning drivers? Stress and frustration? Nope! By the time you leave for your shift, all the 9-5 traffic is done. You’ll spend less time in your car and most likely deal with fewer harrowing traffic situations. And guess what? Your after-shift commute will be much the same!  

Time for errands 

If you’re still an early riser, you’ll have time in the morning if you need to run to the grocery store, pick up a prescription, get an oil change—anything like that. And you’ll be in stores and businesses at a time that many others are at work, so you’ll deal with fewer crowds and spend less time in line.  

Higher pay 

As an incentive for workers to take off-peak shifts, many companies offer shift differentials. On top of other advantages, you may also be able to earn more per hour for working the second shift. 

Interested in finding a second-shift job opportunity? 

Check out Inter-Connect! You can peruse our job openings, or contact us to speak with a recruiter and learn more. We connect qualified workers with opportunities in industrial, office/clerical, professional/managerial and technical roles. We can’t wait to meet you!    

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