October 30, 2020

Are you trying to fill an open position at your company? It can be tough. Does this sound familiar: 

You’re getting the job description ready to go. You’ve taken time to explain the position, describe why it’s awesome to work at your company, and the key qualifications. You’re excited—this is a good job, with good pay and benefits. Lots of people would be happy to have this job—right? You post the opening in multiple places. And then you wait for the resumes to start pouring in. Except, they don’t.  

Or at least, not the right ones. You find yourself reviewing applications and wondering why this person would have applied. They’re not qualified, and they don’t seem like a good fit. The next application is much the same. And the next. And the next.  

You feel discouraged. Where have all the talented candidates gone?  

Don’t give up. The right employees are out there. 

You know the ones. They have experience and they’re always continuing to learn. They WANT to do a good job, not just collect a paycheck. They offer ideas and speak up at meetings. They may even ask for meetings because they’re passionate and want to move things forward. These are the best employees to have on the payroll. They help your business get better.  

So where are they and how do you find them? 

It’s easier than you may think.  

How to find top talent 

The answer is not a new one.  

To find great employees, you need to work with someone who understands your industry, understands where top talent hang out online and knows how to reach out and grab their attention. Then, they send you candidates. You can handle interviewing, or they’ll do it for you. It all depends how much you want to be involved (and how much time you have!).  

Simply put—contact your local staffing agency.  

If you just shook your head, consider this.  

Staffing agencies are experts at what they do. You can shave considerable time off your hiring process, with the ultimate outcome of finding the best and brightest available (whether or not they were looking for a new job).  

If you’re still wondering why to use a staffing agency, we can answer all your questions and help you make your decision. Just contact Inter-Connect to learn more.  

The right employees are out there. Reach out today and let us help you find them!   

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