October 25, 2020

You’re searching high and low… on the hunt for a new job. You’re either out of work and need a new job, or you’re tired of where you are and want something new. Does this sound familiar?  

Now, here’s the thing. Your job takes up a big chunk of your week. You may be antsy to get money flowing in again, or you may be more than ready to leave your current job. But rushing into something that isn’t right isn’t the best choice.  

So how can you know for sure? 

Though it’s never 100 percent (you can’t fully know what a job is like until you’re working it), you have a few key tools at your fingertips. These will help you make the best choice so you can set forth toward applying, getting an interview and getting hired at an exciting new job.  

How to know if a job is right for you 

If you’re wondering when to apply for a job online, follow these five tips to make the very best choice: 

1. You know what you want—and the job offers it. 

If you have to describe your dream job, what would it include? Take a second to think about what you want. When you come across a listing that includes some or all of these things, you know it’s time to apply.  

2. The company aligns with your values.

This is a biggie. Working for a company that gives you the “ickies” is not a good feeling. Luckily, you can find out a lot about a company by just reading their website. Poke around on social media. What can you learn? What are employees saying? Go with your gut—does it seem like a good place to work? 

3. You’re qualified.

Review the qualifications. If you have five or more, the job just might be made for you. The most important qualifications will be at the top of the list, so focus on those. It’s only worth your time to apply for a job you have a good chance of getting.  

4. The corporate culture sounds pretty cool.

If a company has a cool corporate culture, you can bet they’re going to talk about it. You might find details right in the job description, or on their website. If their social media features ping pong tables and cushy lounges—go for it. Unless you don’t like ping pong. Be sure the culture seems to match your personality.  

5. They offer the benefits you need.

Employee benefits are important. If you find yourself in need of health care services, you’ll be glad you have them. Other benefits such as emotional health support, 401(k), profit sharing, ample time off and a flexible schedule are also nice to have. What does the company offer? 

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If you’re still wondering how to know if a job is the right fit, you might want to work with a recruiter. And Inter-Connect can help. Contact us today or visit our job search page to learn more.  


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