October 16, 2020

What do you do when it’s time to hire a new employee?  

It’s not something you can ignore for too long. When you need someone in place to do a job, you need them—it’s as simple as that.  

The longer a position goes unfilled, the longer other employees are picking up the slack. And this can lead to unhappy, over-worked employees, turnover… and the need for more new employees.  

But finding the right person is a lot to think about!  

Let’s first consider what happens when you place the wrong person. They may not have the skills they need to do a good job. Or they may not be a good fit with the rest of your staff. Worst case, they’re simply a problem employee. All these issues can disrupt your other workers. Plus lead to turnover and wasted money.  

But what happens when you find the right person?  

Well—just the opposite. They have what it takes, they fit in, and they make the workplace better. They have ideas, they contribute and they bring up other people around them. Finding the right employee benefits everyone.  

But what’s the best way to do that? 

You already know the time invested to find a new employee. Writing a job description, posting, advertising, screening, interviewing… it’s a lot. You may also have questions about hiring new employees during COVID-19, or what happens with furloughed employees, or anything related to hiring someone during PPP.  

Well, a staffing agency can help with that. All of that. If you have questions and need support, they have answers.  

Staffing agencies are experts at what they do. They know how to find the right people for a job and what skills someone will need to do well. And they can place candidates while you’re busy running your business—so you won’t need to skip a beat.  

You get the employees you need, when you need them. It’s as simple as that! 

It all depends on what type of employees you’re looking for. And working with an agency that specializes in that industry can help.  

Inter-Connect specializes in the placement of light industrial, skilled labor and office/administrative staff. We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and help you find the right employees. 

Want to learn more? We’re here to help! Visit us online today.  

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