October 11, 2017

Across most industries, competition is stiff for candidates in search of new jobs! Many are highly qualified and must scramble for the same job positions when they open up. But you want it to be you who gets the callback and the job offer! So, what can you do make yourself the most attractive candidate to hiring managers?

Seven ways to be more marketable

Simply follow these tips to help your application soar to the top of the stack!

1. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

You’re constantly learning, growing and developing your job skills. So take time each month to make updates to your resume and LinkedIn profile. This way, recruiters and potential employers will always see the most up-to-date description of your accomplishments.

2. Learn what you don’t know.

Industries change all the time. To stay marketable, occasionally peruse job descriptions on monster.com or indeed.com and see what they have in common. Are employers looking for skills you don’t have? Make plans to keep learning! This could include taking a course or simply doing some reading online.

3. Work on key soft skills.

Communication, problem-solving, decision making and leadership are just a few important soft skills employers look for. Take steps in your current job (or on your own) to build these skills. Let your manager know you’d like to work on one of them or get creative about ways you can build soft skills in your free time. Then be sure to list them on your resume and LinkedIn page to be ready for your next job opportunity.

4. Follow industry trends.

Keep up with organizations in your field by visiting their websites for current press releases, following them on Facebook and Twitter, or by signing up for email newsletters. Know what’s new and what’s to come in your industry.

5. Attend conferences, tradeshows, and seminars in your field.

This is one of the best ways to keep pace with your industry. You can learn about innovations and future developments, and make plans to tack on any additional education you may need.

6. Talking to others

Another way to keep up with your industry and stay marketable is by talking to others. You can learn about potential job openings, too.

7. Be positive.

Employers want to bring new workers onboard who add to the energy and productivity of the team. So stay positive and upbeat—this is one of the best ways to keep yourself marketable!

Make a development plan

Choose a few items from the above list and make a plan to work on them little by little. It will help you prepare so you’ll be ready to go when you find a listing for your dream job!

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