October 4, 2017

Social media is an extremely valuable tool in your job search. In today’s job market, it’s not really a question of whether to be involved in social media—you should. A lack of presence on social media sites may cause potential employers to question your relevance or whether you’re hiding something. You don’t have to go “all in” with social media, but you should have a presence.

Five ways to use it in your job search

Recruiters and hiring managers will be looking for you on social media—either when in search of a candidate, or to do some research if you’ve recently applied. So to be sure you represent yourself in the most professional way possible, try any of the following:

1. Build an impressive LinkedIn profile.

This is the number one online tool to leverage in your job search. Build a LinkedIn profile, and make it good! You can optimize your exposure on this popular site by simply Googling: What to include in your LinkedIn profile. Top content includes a killer objective statement, SEO-worthy job title, professional headshot and up-to-date job experience list.

2. Join LinkedIn groups.

Join groups related to your field and participate! Join in discussions, network and get your name out there!

3. Establish yourself as a subject matter expert.

You can do this by sharing articles or writing your own posts on LinkedIn, creating a blog, or as appropriate, setting up a YouTube channel. Share what you know with the world!

4. Network through Twitter.

You can share links to your blog or YouTube channel through Twitter. Plus, you can follow others in your industry and communicate about hot topics.

5. Keep your social media pages professional.

This is an important rule in the social media universe. Only post thoughts and pictures to your pages you wouldn’t be embarrassed to share with a potential employer at an interview.

Communication goes both ways on social media

This is especially true of LinkedIn. Yes, you can use it as a reference for employers looking to learn more about you through a virtual resume. But recruiters also peruse LinkedIn and may contact you if they’re looking to fill an opening and you’re a good fit. The value of social media is tremendous in your job search—so if you haven’t already, get to work building your online presence!

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