December 12, 2020

It can be difficult and time-consuming to find the right candidate. You want the best person for the job: someone who has the skills and experience, is willing to work hard for you, and who will stick around long-term. As you search through pages of profiles, you may find yourself asking—is the right person out there? 

It helps to increase your candidate pool, and you can do this through second-chance hiring.  

Candidates with a criminal past are looking for work post-incarceration. There are good, trust-worthy people with all the right skills who simply went through a rough patch in their lives. Many programs work with second-chance candidates for opportunities to find gainful employment. Though it may seem like a questionable hiring decision, second-chance employees offer several key advantages. 

Draw from a deeper candidate pool 

Your hiring process isn’t an act of charity—you’re truly looking for the person who is best suited for the job. When you add more potential workers to your hiring pool, it increases the chance that you’ll find just the right person for the job. And if you’re in an industry where candidates are in high demand and are scooped up quickly, additional hiring options may be exactly what you need.  

Find a person who is willing to work hard 

A second-chance hire has been given another shot, and the chance to have a fulfilling work life. They’re motivated to do the right thing and they understand the value of working hard for you. This dedication and commitment is an underlying quality in a top employee.  

Avoid turnover 

Along with their willingness to work hard, second-chance employees aren’t offered as many employment options due to their history. For this reason, they are more likely to stick with a job for the long term—which helps you avoid the high cost of turnover. 

Talk to your recruiter 

He or she can work with you to understand second-chance hiring opportunities and how they can benefit your workplace. To learn more, contact Inter-Connect to connect with one of our experienced staffing professionals.  

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