December 5, 2020

Where are you on your career path? Many of us set long-term goals, but then stumble a bit along the way. Do you know where you want to go next? Or are you not quite sure?  

If you fall in the “not quite sure” camp, you’re not alone! It’s quite common to reach a point in your career where you feel unsure where your next career move should take you. It’s a big decision!  

Have you ever explored temp-to-hire work? Your first reaction may be: “I don’t think that’s for me.” But what about the three very important ways it can help you? 

Try something new—risk-free 

Let’s say you think you want to change job roles or even industries. A temp-to-hire job gives you this opportunity. At first, you’re only hired as a temporary employee, so it’s not long-term. You get the chance to try something new, and you know in the back of your head it’s not permanent.  

Now, let’s say you like it. When the position ends, you can look for a permanent position within that same industry and/or role. OR, sometimes if an employer likes your work, they may decide to extend the offer of permanent employment, even though you only started as a temp. It’s a very unique way to gain experience and decide where your career could take you.  

Build your resume 

It never hurts to have more experience! Temporary jobs let you quickly amp up the content on your resume and round out your work experience. This makes you more marketable to a potential employer. When the temp assignment ends, you simply move on to your next experience—or if they offer you a permanent position and you’re happy, you stay. It’s all up to you! 

Prevent work gaps on your resume 

If you’re in-between jobs, it can create an employment gap. You have options to help fill your time while you’re out of work, and a temp job is one of them! While you’re working at a temporary position, you’re acquiring new skills, getting paid and maybe learning about a new field you’d like to enter.  

In search of a temp-to-hire job? 

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