November 28, 2020

Have you found your company losing employees randomly? When they simply decide to stop showing up, you’ve been “ghosted,” and it can be as confusing as it is annoying. An employee who is suddenly gone leaves other employees to pick up all the loose ends left behind. Then there’s the time it takes to scramble to fill the position with zero lead time. All employers would agree—if you can avoid this unfortunate situation, you should. But what can you do to prevent it? 

Make better hiring matches 

Though “ghosting” can happen unexpectantly, you may have red flags that an employee is unhappy and looking around for something else. So, the key is to keep employees happy to minimize the risk of them leaving. And this starts at hiring time. To make better hiring choices, you can: 

Know who you need

In your mind, you should have a list of what skills and experience will make the perfect candidate. This makes it much easier to find the right person, and the right person has the best chance of being happy in the job.  

Write specific job descriptions.

Describe the job role and responsibilities and what a candidate will need to succeed. Describe the culture and benefits. A candidate should have a clear idea of what to expect with the job.  

Ask interview questions about skills and goals.

Don’t bother with indirect questions about being stranded on an island. Instead, focus your questions on what skills the candidate has to do well at the job. Ask about their short- and long-term goals and go with your gut based on their answers.  

Always screen.

Maybe a candidate has a history of leaving places on not-the-best terms. Or they’ve lied about their qualifications and aren’t exactly suited for the job. Anything you can uncover will help you make better hiring decisions.  

Build strong employee relationships 

When your workers feel respected and taken care of, they will also feel loyalty to the company. And this can make them much less likely to leave you. Give your workers all the training they need from the beginning, and assign a mentor incase they have any questions. Promote from within to give them opportunities to advance. Be transparent about what you expect and how to do a good job. Communication is key.   

Need help finding high-quality workers? 

If “ghosting” is a big problem at your company, it can help to work with the experts for staffing. And Inter-Connect can help. We want to understand your staffing needs, to help you find the best-matched workers in your industry. To learn more, contact us today.  

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