September 26, 2019

With employers vying for top talent, most are thrilled to find one perfect candidate. But what happens when you find two? This may seem like pure luck… but can become stressful when it’s time to make a hiring decision. You want to make the very best choice.

Five Strategies for Choosing Between Top Candidates

You can follow a few smart tactics to ensure your hiring decision brings the best of the best onboard with your company. Try the following:

Hire for Passion

An employee who’s passionate about the job will work hard and give their all. You can determine career passion by paying close attention during the interview. Who asked more questions? Who seemed more engaged? Who did their homework and knew the most about the company? These are clues as to who really wants the job, and who would be your best choice.

Choose the Broader Skillset

When reviewing the candidates’ resumes, who has more skills? When you think about the job opportunity long-term, hiring a candidate with more skills under his or her belt can be a benefit in terms of personal growth potential. You just might be hiring one of tomorrow’s leaders.

Hire for Cultural Fit

An employee who gets along with the rest of your team and works best in your corporate environment will be able to hit the ground running. You can test for cultural fit by inviting each candidate out for lunch with the team and observing their behavior.

Ask Why They Want to Work for You

Does the candidate see themselves with you long term, or do they seem like they need something to pay the bills for now? Ask them the standard question, “Why do you want to work here?” during their interview and listen closely to the answer. The best candidate will demonstrate they’ve read up on the company, thought about the position and are ready, willing and able to do the very best work possible.

Conduct a Test

The candidates look good on paper and interview well, but can they really do what they say? A skills test is one of the best ways to find out. Ask questions specific to the job’s role and responsibilities.

Hire Both?

Any way you look at it, finding two top candidates is like finding a unicorn. If it’s possible in your budget and there’s enough work to go around, consider bringing both on board. It can only benefit your business.

Looking for Staffing Support?

The hiring process is time-consuming and it helps to have a partner for support. Inter-Connect is here for you! We specialize in the placement of light industrial and office/administrative candidates. To learn more, contact us today!

There’s a Smarter Way to Hire

At Inter-Connect, we’re driven by your success. We understand the challenges presented in finding and keeping great people, and we can help you meet them head-on. Our firm offers temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent staffing services to employers throughout the Tri-State region of Illinois, Missouri and Iowa. Whether you need to scale up production with a stellar temporary workforce or fill a key position with the best talent in the area, we have the skills and experience to help you reach your objectives.

With Inter-Connect you can:

  • Reduce turnover cost and disruption
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risks
  • Streamline process for high-volume staffing
  • Fill critical positions faster

Take the next step toward your goals.

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