May 30, 2017

You found a great job and sent in a carefully customized application. Now the waiting game begins. The good news is you hear back from the hiring manager. The bad news is they aren’t emailing to book an interview. Instead, they’re letting you know you weren’t a fit for this position but “they’ll keep your resume on file.”

That’s great.

Or is it?

For some companies, it really does mean they liked what you had to offer. They’ve kept your resume with every intention of getting in touch with you again regarding a position better suited to your skill set. You can expect this employer to reach out to you when they need your strengths and experience level. By flagging your application as a resource, you can look forward to hearing from them shortly.

But sadly, not every employer does this. For some, they are inundated with new applications for every vacancy, and they simply don’t have the resources to consider older applications. When these businesses say they’ll ‘keep you on file,’ they’re really just letting you down softly.

Future Contact

Once you receive notice you weren’t the successful applicant for the position, don’t forget to reach out to the recruiter to express your thanks, especially if you’ve made it through to the interview stage. Demonstrating you can handle rejection in a professional manner will help increase your chances as positions open up within the company.

Send Your Resume to a Staffing Agency

When you apply for a position through a recruiting agency, you can count on the recruiters reaching out to you! And even if you aren’t the perfect applicant for the job in question, don’t despair. Because recruiters often work with several clients at the same time filling multiple positions, you might be the ideal fit for a job that hasn’t even been posted yet. And staffing agencies always keep resumes on file for future openings. They are also an excellent resource for short-term or temporary assignments in between full-time employment to help make ends meet.

Finding a job can be hard work, especially if you’re doing it all alone – thankfully, you don’t have to.

If you’re unemployed and looking for a job, or just interested in finding out more about current industry vacancies, reach out to the specialized partners at Inter-Connect Employment Services today. You can sleep easy at night knowing we will always be in touch when a vacancy that matches your skills and abilities comes across our desks.

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