May 22, 2017

Is there anything more frustrating than finding the ideal candidate for a challenging vacancy, screening, interviewing, and just when you’re about to seal the deal, have them drop out of the recruiting process? What’s worse, it’s becoming more and more common as the demand for top talent increases and candidates get multiple offers.

The good news is with effective preboarding you can get your no-show number down to almost zero.

Why Preboarding Works

Preboarding programs are great for getting new hires ready to hit the ground running their first day on the job. With activities that often include essential training and signing up for benefits, preboarding works to keep new hires interested by helping them:

  • connect with team members and increase an overall sense of belonging;
  • hit the ground running and make valuable contributions to their new company or position within days of employment;
  • develop a greater sense of excitement about their new role;
  • eliminate self-doubt or hesitation about being able to perform the job successfully; and
  • show up (by reducing the instances of first-day no-shows).

Preboarding Ideas for New Hires

When you start your preboarding within the ‘two-weeks’ notice’ period, you’ll see the biggest return for your efforts. Here are four ways to keep your new hires excited about working with you.

  • Celebrate their arrival with a bonus either on their first day or after the first week of employment.
  • Have new hires sign an employment contract obligating them to show up.
  • Keep hiring managers and recruiters in direct contact. This is also an excellent way to allay any doubts or insecurities that might arise from your new employee.
  • Schedule a face-to-face meeting over coffee at the halfway point of the two-week notice period. It’s very hard to back out of a job offer face to face.

While nothing can guarantee a candidate won’t walk away from a new opportunity, these easy preboarding actions will significantly reduce the odds of it happening.

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