November 7, 2018

Dealing with Bad Co-workers

In a perfect world, you’d like everyone you work with. Unfortunately, you may encounter people in the workplace who are hard to deal with. They may be loud, rude, bossy, pushy or just plain offensive. Whatever the situation, difficult coworkers can add undue stress to your day. After you attempt to deal with it for awhile, you may feel as if you can’t take much more. So, what can you do to make the situation better?

Move on, if you can

The most effective way to handle a difficult co-worker is to find a different job. Of course,  do it as professionally as possible, without burning any bridges. Simply ride it out until you can find a suitable new position then give your notice.

Take other actions if you can’t move on

If this job is an important stepping stone in your career and you can’t leave just yet, you can use a few tactics to make life much better for you. Consider the following:

  1. Laugh more. It’s just a job. And some things that take place at work will seem a lot less dramatic when you take yourself out of that setting and look at them for what they really are. If you can keep your sense of humor about the situation, it will lighten your mood.
  2. Be direct. If someone’s behavior is upsetting you, let them know. Simply state what happened and how it made you feel, then ask that person to make a specific change. Be professional and stay level-headed.
  3. Keep your distance. If you can’t talk it out, stay away from toxic and disruptive co-workers if possible. Switch your desk, don’t sit near them during meetings, ask to be changed to another project, or even switch departments.
  4. Take notes. If a co-worker’s behavior is offensive or even abusive, keep a running tally to build a case for human resources. Save emails or jot down notes when situations occur. It’s possible you’re not the only person affected, and harassment at work is never OK.
  5. Picture your last day at work. You can’t stay in a bad situation forever, but if you’re stuck for the time being, change your mindset just a little bit. Set an approximate date for when it’s time to go and visualize that day whenever the going gets tough.

Work with your recruiter

If you currently have a recruiter, let them know what you’re experiencing at work. Your recruiter may be able to help you. And if it’s time for a new job, ask your recruiter what options are available to you.

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