March 30, 2023

It’s no secret that communication in the workplace is one of the most important aspects of maintaining and growing a healthy business.


As an employer, manager or team leader, effective workplace communication is vital to creating and maintaining a positive team environment. The quality of workplace communication has a direct impact on employee’s ability to collaborate, meet deadlines, and share new ideas.


Below are 4 ways for effective workplace communication that managers can implement to help increase productivity and improve relationships with employees and colleagues:


  1. Communicate Face-to-Face When Possible

Companies have been relying on email and video conferencing a lot more since the pandemic began. However, electronic communications can have a detrimental effect on any type of relationship, especially communicating with staff members. How many times have you sent an email to a direct report or superior that was misconstrued?


Even if you had good intentions, electronic communication can be misinterpreted. Since the majority of meaning during a conversation comes from nonverbal gestures and facial expressions, it’s easier to decipher the point behind what a person says when communicating face-to-face. So to improve workplace communication, take some time to pay a visit to the team member’s desk and check in.


  1. Be Sure it’s “We” not “I”

As a team a leader it’s important to not be perceived as someone who’s arrogant or self-serving. So if you tend to address staff with sentences that begin with “I want,” “I need,” or “I want you to,” you’re basically telling them it’s all about you and not about what they can contribute. A better way is to use “we” and “our” to communicate an environment of teamwork, trust and empowerment. As a leader, you achieve your goals through other people, so frame your communications to be inclusive for best results.

  1. Handle Conflicts with Diplomacy

Managing a team means conflicts will surely happen from time to time. To prevent a small misunderstanding from turning into a major crisis, handle it right away. When dealing with a conflict, respond with an open-mind and refrain from getting emotional. Ask questions and listen carefully to the responses so you can understand where the other person or persons are coming from. Doing so will help you reach a resolution that’s acceptable to everyone.


If you feel a worker misunderstood something you said, talk to them about it as soon as possible. You want everyone to walk away from the conflict feeling positive and on the same page.


  1. Are you Being Clear?

When interacting with an employee or colleague, it’s important to ensure that what you’re communicating is clear, and the person is “getting” what you’re saying. Good workplace communication involves stating your points clearly and accurately. If not, you can actually create confusion instead of clarity!


Lastly, don’t just inform your employees—engage them in communication about what you’re conveying. Create ways to listen to their responses and actively address concerns. Avoid emails written in haste – and always proofread them before sending.


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