August 22, 2019

A temporary job is an achievement that can boost your resume! Not only does it help you add more knowledge and skills to your portfolio, temp works also helps you avoid gaps in your work history. So once you’ve tacked on one or more temp assignments, what’s the best way to include them on your resume?  

You can maximize your efforts by following these tips: 

List your roles 

You’ll want to say what you did at each job in terms of your roles and responsibilitiesDon’t go into too much explanation (since you’ll want the majority of the details to include your accomplishments at each job). Just give an overview of what your temp job entailed.  

Share your accomplishments 

This is perhaps the most important information to include when listing your temp work. In addition to simply listing your roles and responsibilities, always describe what you achieved during each temp assignment. After all, you want to show potential employers what you gained from your time spent as a temp. Professional skillsas well as soft skills such as communication and organization, are all important to list under each temp job. 

Reference the correct employer 

Remember—when you work as a temp, your employer is actually the staffing agency, not the business where you’ve been stationed. You can avoid confusion for those reviewing your resume by listing the correct employer with each temp assignment.   

Use backwards chronological order 

You should list your most recent experiences first, followed by each experience before that. This way, a potential employer can scan for the relevant work experiences you’ve had most recently.  

Be proud of your temp work!  

Even if you were trying to fill work gaps and keep income flowing to pay the bills—you still worked hard! So be proud of your time spent as a temp, what you learned and everything you took away from your experience.  

Looking for a temp assignment? 

Maybe you’re on the road to a more permanent placement and want to keep your professional skills sharp. Temp assignments are a great way to learn new things and fill your resume. Plus, some employers hire temp workers to determine if a person could be a good fit as a permanent, full-time hire—so you never know what can come out of a temp assignment for you!  

Looking for a recruiter? 

Check out the great temp and full-time jobs with Inter-Connect! We’ll work with you to understand your career goals and find a placement that fits. To learn more, contact us today!  

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