August 29, 2019

Though they’ll only be with you for a limited time, temp employers are still part of your staff. Employees who feel welcome in your workplace will be more comfortable interacting with your permanent employees—which will help your temp employees work hard, contribute and do their very best. And this is a win for all involved!  

Three ways to include your temp workers 

An inclusive culture is the best way to onboard temp employees to your company. You can do this in the following ways: 

  1. Make introductions. On your temp’s first day, bring them around to all the employees with whom they’ll be interacting on a regular basis, and make introductions. This can break the ice and help your temp get to know his or her new coworkers.  
  2. Invite them to work outings. Work events are a great way to help everyone kick back and enjoy each other’s company—outside the confines of work. Dinner, happy hour, karaoke, bowling and other activities are all fun ways for employees to spend time and get to know each other 
  3. Include them in meetings. Your temps bring a fresh, new perspective to your workplace. Including them in meetings not only helps them feel like part of the team, it can also help enhance idea sharing and collaboration during your meetings.  

How to find temps 

To find highly qualified temps with the skills needed to do the job, it helps to work with a staffing agency. Your recruiter has access to a database of potential employees and will place you with workers who match your open job opportunities and required qualifications. This makes it much easier and faster than searching on your own. Plus, many staffing agencies offer a range of services, which can include everything from finding and interviewing to onboarding—giving you back valuable time to spend running your company.  

Check out Inter-Connect 

We’ll work with you to understand your staffing needs and find temp workers who fit. We specialize in the placement of light industrial and office/administrative staff. To learn more, contact us today!  

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