January 10, 2019

A clean and uncluttered workplace is not only more attractive—it’s also safer. Plus, keeping things organized helps employees stay productive and efficient. Still, de-cluttering takes time and energy, and you may feel overwhelmed getting started.

Five ways to de-clutter

Take some time in the New Year to plan for your new, organized workplace. Consider the following:

  1. Take it one step at a time. You don’t need to overhaul your workspace in one day. Plan to tackle your cleaning efforts area by area. It’s much easier, and by keeping your tasks doable, you’ll be more likely to complete everything.
  2. Involve your staff in this step. What’s around that is no longer needed? This could include outdated paperwork, old machines or tools that need to be replaced, outdated décor and other items that don’t serve much purpose. Work with your employees to determine everything that needs to go, and hold a cleaning day where everyone pitches in to help.
  3. During the course of a workweek, items can be shifted to places they don’t belong. For everything you’ve decided to keep, figure out where it’s best stored. Then, move everything to its proper location.
  4. Develop a cleaning schedule. You can avoid the need for big cleanups by cleaning and organizing on a regular basis. Build cleaning into everyone’s job description, so all employees must take part during each shift. Before they punch out for the day, items must be returned to the right storage areas.
  5. Go digital. If you’ve been maintaining paper files, make plans to transition to electronic versions. You may need to scan paper documents into your system and create electronic templates for document creation moving forward.

Cleaning often takes effort

But as you organize, remember the time you spend up front will pay off by saving you time in the future.

Looking to staff up?

As you re-organize your workplace, you may find you need additional workers to help complete projects or simply round out your staff. And Inter-Connect can help. We specialized in helping you find, place and onboard light industrial and administrative workers. To learn more, contact us today!

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