January 17, 2019

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to be healthier? If you’re one of the many who spends 40-plus hours per week at work, your workplace can be a good starting place for a healthier you! That’s because you can make easy changes at work to pave the way to a healthier lifestyle. Your efforts will help you feel better, and this can give you the energy to accomplish more.

Five ways to be healthier at work

If you find yourself feeling sluggish and unmotivated during the day, try any of the following to perk up and feel better overall in the long run:

  1. Bring a healthy meal. Depending on your shift, this could be breakfast, lunch or dinner. A healthy meal includes lean protein, fiber and plenty of fresh produce—plus food choices that are low in sodium and sugar. Nutritionally adequate food items pack in plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients per calorie. They’ll help you stay satisfied longer, maintain concentration and experience sustained energy throughout the workday. Plus, bringing your own food helps you avoid restaurant, fast food or vending machine meals, which can help you save money. Examples include low-fat yogurt, sliced fresh fruit and high-fiber cereal; lean turkey on wheat bread with lettuce, tomato and cucumber; hummus with fresh veggies; or low-sodium soup with whole wheat crackers.
  2. Stay hydrated. When you feel tired and reach for more coffee, you may get the same benefit from a glass of water. Aside from your morning cup of joe (which can actually be helpful), you can stay more alert by sipping water throughout the day. It’s much better for you than soda or energy drinks. If plain water bores you, just spice it up with calorie-free flavoring, such as a few cucumber slices, chopped pineapple or strawberries.
  3. Stretch, move and take breaks. The human body was made to move—not sit idle in the same position for hours on end. So take frequent breaks to stand up, stretch, walk to the restroom or just move a little. And always take your scheduled daily breaks to unwind a bit before getting back to work.
  4. Practice good posture. Sit up straight in your seat and arrange your keyboard so you don’t need to reach too far. If your work station requires you to stand and move around, be sure to stand up straight. Poor posture puts extra strain on your back and can lead to long-term discomfort.
  5. Wash your hands. The workplace is full of objects that are frequented handled by many. To reduce the spread of germs, especially during cold and flu season, simply wash your hands before you eat, and after you cough, sneeze or use the bathroom.

Is your resolution to find a new job?

In addition to good health, you may have resolved to find new work in the New Year. And InterConnect can help! We’ll work with you to find a light industrial or office/administrative position. To learn more, contact us today!

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