May 13, 2019

Most people don’t enjoy interviews. There’s usually a lot riding on them, and you feel pressure to do your best. Preparation is key—and certain steps will help you quell your nervous energy and build your confidence. For most, it’s not possible to completely eradicate the butterflies in your stomach, but you can at least calm them enough to show the interviewer your best, most professional self.

Include these five steps in your interview prep

Time is limited as you prepare for an interview, and you want to make the most of every day as the clock ticks down to show time! Try the following to get ready to impress at your upcoming interview:

  1. Practice, practice, practice. No pre-interview checklist would be complete without this vital step! Just like studying for a test, it’s critical to prepare your answers to possible interview questions. Google the most common questions and know how you’ll answer, if asked. It also helps to research industry-specific questions, as you’ll likely be asked these, too. Rehearse in front of a mirror and jot down notes. Come interview day, your preparation will make a big difference in your confidence level.
  2. Be ready to sell your unique skills. Be familiar with your resume and all the information it contains. Then, think about why you’re a good match for the job and all the ways your experience has prepared you to be the perfect candidate.
  3. Choose an outfit. When you look your best, you feel your best, too! Not to mention, a clean, professional look will help impress an interviewer. Choose a seasonally appropriate outfit: either a suit, dress shirt and dress pants for men, or dress shirt and dress pants or skirt for women. Have your outfit pressed and ready to go for your big day. Your shoes should be clean and in good shape. You might consider getting a fresh hair cut. Keep jewelry and fragrance to a minimum.
  4. Create an emergency kit. The unexpected tends to happen when it’s most inconvenient. For this reason, bring a kit that contains band-aids, a stain stick, a small sewing kit, breath mints, dental floss and a bottle of water. You’ll thank yourself when even the most annoying mishap doesn’t slow you down!
  5. Map your route. Don’t get lost or arrive late to your interview. Instead, map your route beforehand and practice driving to the interview spot a day or two beforehand. Plan for traffic the day of and leave 30 minutes early. If you end up arriving too early, you can always review your interview answers while you wait.

Get the help you need to land interviews

If at first you don’t succeed, try again! And a staffing agency can help. Your recruiter will work with you to understand your career goals and find job opportunities that fit.

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