May 7, 2019

Want to move up in your job? One way you can prove to your boss you’re passionate about your work is to ask for more responsibility. As a hard-working professional, your desire to do more and grow with the business is a great way to alert your boss you’re serious about sticking around and moving ahead.

Four ways to ask for more responsibility

Before you do this, be sure you’ve got a good handle on your current responsibilities (of course)—because you don’t want to set yourself up for failure. Then, consider the following five tips:

  1. Talk to your boss. It can help to have an idea in mind when you make your request. Say you’d like to build on your work experience and you’re interested in taking on more responsibility. Then, present your idea for what you’d like to do and why you think it would help. It’s also a good move to tell your boss you’re open to any suggestions they have for work you can take on.
  2. Think of something fun. Start small when you begin to spread your professional wings. Think of the aspect of your job you like the most, and then look for ways you could incorporate this into your current workload. For example, if you’re on the marketing team and love to write, suggest putting together a monthly or quarterly team newsletter to share at meetings.
  3. Pay attention to those around you. If you notice a co-worker is stressed out or struggling, ask if there’s anything you can do to help. Take notes on what help they need, and propose your suggestion to your boss.
  4. Build your knowledge. A good way to show you’re ready for more responsibility is to tackle something no one else has yet. What topic could you read up on and become an expert in? Think about ways your knowledge could help your team or your company, and then research ways you can learn more. This could be as simple as Googling more information, or as complex as taking a class. Talk to your boss about your ideas and possible learning opportunities.

Accept new responsibility slowly

It’s smart to work your way up to a larger workload. Although you’re excited to try new things, don’t take on more work than you can comfortably accomplish in a timely manner. Burning yourself out won’t help you move up or get ahead.

Looking for something new?

Sometimes, a change of scenery and role can work wonders for your motivation. If you’re ready to try something new and aren’t finding opportunities in your current workplace, check out Inter-Connect. To learn more, contact us today!

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