December 28, 2022

If you’re currently in search of a new job, you know how much work it takes. Job hunting can be a full-time job in itself! So once you’ve located a job you’re interested in and gotten called for an interview—you want to take all possible steps to be their number one candidate. So what can you do to impress the hiring manager and ace the interview… and get the job?

Five ways to rock your job interview

You can be the very best version of you and deliver a killer interview with these tried-and-true tips:


Review the job description inside and out.

The more you know about who the company is looking for, the better you can sell yourself as their top choice. Check out all the job requirements and think about how you’re a perfect fit—you’ll want to explain this during your interview! Also, look for clues about the company culture. These may be obvious and directly stated right in the job description. It’s also important to show that, beyond your skills and experience, you’ll also fit in with the culture.

Research the company.

Go to their website and read up on everything the company is about! Check out their mission, vision, services offered, history and press releases. If you can uncover pain points, even better—how can your unique skill set help the company address some of its current challenges? Knowing all about the company and the role to which you’ve applied also helps you answer the ever-popular interview question: “Why do you want to work here?”

Dress to impress.

Choose an outfit that’s appropriate for the position. In many cases, you can’t go wrong with an interview suit, or dress shirt and dress pants/skirt. Be sure your shoes are in good shape, your outfit is pressed and your appearance is clean. You may want to get a fresh haircut. Wear minimal jewelry, makeup and fragrance.

Prepare 3-5 questions.

Since an interview is just as much a learning experience for you as it is for the hiring manager, it’s always good to ask questions. This way, you can determine if it’s the right job for you. You may come up with questions during the course of the interview, but just in case, have a few prepared. Good questions include:

-When do you expect to make a hiring decision?

-How many others are interviewing for this job?

-Why did the previous person leave?

-Based on our conversation, how well-matched do you think I am for the job?

-What other questions can I answer about myself to help you decide if I’m the right match?

Be courteous to everyone you meet.

This includes the receptionist, the interviewer and anyone else you meet during the interview process. Imagine there’s a camera on you from the time you leave your car until the time you return to it. All your actions help you make a good first impression!

Don’t forget to follow up


Collect the names and contact information of everyone who interviews you (if it’s more than one person) and send a follow-up email or note immediately after your interview. Thank them for their time and remind them why you feel you’re a great choice for the job.

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