March 20, 2015

Your human resources are some of the most valuable resources that your company has. Whether you are looking for temporary workers or permanent hires, it is important to find top quality people for every position.

Although the job market is competitive, it can sometimes be difficult to entice good candidates to submit applications for the positions you have open. Consider these tips to help you find the best workers for your business:

Pay a Competitive Salary

While you don’t need to be the highest paying company in the business, you also don’t want to offer below-market salaries. To attract workers who are skilled in their fields, experienced and interested in career advancement, you must pay competitively with industry standards. You may also wish to consider offering other benefits and perks in addition to reasonable wages. Things like health coverage, paid sick leave, daycare or transportation assistance can help your company stand out from the others so you will get more applications and have your pick of employees.

Describe the Job in Detail

It is important to find workers who are a good fit with the positions you are offering. The more details you provide about the jobs you have available, the more job applicants will be able to determine if their skills are a good fit. A job advertisement that is too vague or that does not specify the particular skills and abilities required could leave you with a pool of unqualified applicants and a lot of wasted time. If you require specific certifications, training or a specific educational background, be sure to mention these criteria in the ad so applicants won’t waste your time (and their time) applying to a job they don’t have the minimum qualifications to fill.

Consider Working with Staffing Services

Many qualified workers turn to staffing services for help finding a job. A staffing service will screen employees and conduct interviews to understand each potential worker’s skill set. A staffing service can send these pre-screened employees to your company so you will be able to choose only from a qualified applicant pool. Whether you need temporary employees, are looking for contingent staffing or want to explore temp-to-hire for full-time workers, a staffing service can connect you with employees who will be a good fit for your business.

Finding and keeping qualified workers can save your company a lot of money in the long run on retraining costs and lost productivity. Take the time to consider your workforce management needs carefully and to take the necessary steps to put smart hiring practices into place.

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