March 6, 2015

If you want to achieve professional success, finding a good mentor is a great way to start.  In every field, there is opportunity for advancement and to find a rewarding job that makes the most of your skills. The key is to always be focused on professional development and exploring new opportunities. Finding a mentor makes both of these things possible.

Whether you are just getting started on the career ladder or you have some experience but want to do more, it can be difficult to find the right mentor. These tips can help you to find someone who can help you to shape and guide your career.

  • Look for a mentor who has experience and a track record of success. You want your mentor to be further along professionally than you are. Look for someone who has the type of job that you hope one day to hold.  Getting in contact with such a mentor often requires finding a job within your industry, even if it is an entry-level position. A staffing service can help you to find employment in a field you are interested in so you can get your foot in the door and begin making professional contacts who can mentor you.
  • Look for a mentor who is interested in empowering your success. Not everyone who has achieved professional success wants to be a mentor. You don’t want to force a relationship or ask someone to be a mentor who has no interest in helping others to get ahead. Pay attention to how a person acts with you and other subordinates. If they seem invested in helping others to succeed, they may be a good mentor.
  • Ask someone who you admire. While occasionally someone will come to you and offer to be your mentor, this usually does not occur. Instead, you need to speak up and ask someone who you admire if they would be willing to mentor your career. When you ask this question, you need to be ready to explain why you are making the request. You need to both know what you are looking to get out of the mentor relationship and why you believe that this person is the right one to mentor you. The mentor relationship should be valuable to both of you, and your mentor needs to see that you are committed to benefiting from his experience and knowledge.

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