March 27, 2020

Unsure about bringing on a temporary employee? If you’re in need of additional staffing, but not sure what your next step should be, a temp worker might be a perfect fit.  

Four advantages of hiring temp workers 

If you’re looking for extra hands during a busy season or for a special project, consider hiring a temp for the following reasons: 

Attain financial flexibility.

Ebbs and flows in production can create pockets of time where an additional worker or two will help your business run smoothly. But the financial burden of bringing on a new permanent hire can be a concern, especially if the workload is expected to drop off after a certain amount of time. When you hire a temp worker, you’re not committing to a permanent employee’s salary, so this will help you conserve finances once the workload drops off.  

Access new skills.

Any new worker brings experience and knowledge you haven’t yet tapped into. You may find that someone who has been hired to temporarily help with a role or project has a fresh perspective that may improve things in a way you hadn’t yet considered.  

Preserve your permanent staff. 

If they become overworked, this can lead to mistakes and decreased morale—so by ensuring adequate staffing, you’ll protect your full-time, permanent staff. Plus, it gives them the opportunity to help train and mentor the new temp, which can provide some leadership experience.  

Make better hiring choices. 

Let’s say you actually do need another permanent employee, but you’re worried about making the wrong hiring decision. A temp worker gives you the ability to work with someone first-hand and observe two things: their capacity for doing the job, and how well they mesh with your company culture. Temps are expertly matched to a role by an experienced recruiter—and it’s not uncommon to extend offers of long-term employment to those who excel.  

In search of a staffing agency? 

If you’re interested in exploring the advantages of hiring temporary employees, you’ll need to work with a staffing agency. It helps to find one that specializes in your industry. Check with other professionals for references or do a simple online search to find staffing agencies in your area.  

Let Inter-Connect help! 

We work with employers in the Tri-State Region to place qualified light industrial and office/administrative candidates. To learn more about our staffing services and connect with a recruiter, contact us today!  

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