January 19, 2022

Among common challenges faced in 2021, many employers experienced the exit of workforce members. From feeling overworked or underappreciated, to deciding there wasn’t enough room for career advancement, employees cited various reasons for needing something new. As an employer, it’s time to review your employee retention strategy for holes and make plans to patch them up in the new year.

Five ways to retain employees

You can hold on to your workers with the following top techniques:

1. Provide work/life balance.

The past two years have had an emotional toll on all of us. If you offered remote work options, employees were faced with trying to juggle work life alongside home life—and many may have felt they came up short. It’s important to encourage and provide for good work/life balance through flexible scheduling, hybrid work models and ample time off.

2. Good communication.

One of the most stressful feelings for top performers is not knowing how well they’re doing, and what you expect from them. Through good communication and regular feedback, you should let your employees know what you’re looking for so they can meet (or even exceed) your expectations.

3. Benefits and perks.

It helps if your workers know you care enough to give them what they need to be well. This includes medical, dental, vision, 401(k), a friendly and supportive work atmosphere, flexible work options, an employee assistance program, plenty of paid time off, and wellness benefits.

4. Competitive pay.

No one wants to feel like they’re not being paid what they’re worth. There are plenty of resources available for employees to get a ballpark idea of what the industry is paying, so they’ll know where your company stands when it comes to pay. Do your research and offer competitive pay or risk losing your top workers to the competition.

5. Onboarding and mentorship programs.

These set up new workers for success, right from the start. Allow for enough time to help new employees get used to the company and learn their new job responsibilities. Pair them with another employee as a mentor to answer their questions and keep your door open when they need more information.

Find the right employees for your job opportunities

Another way to add to retention is with excellent employee matches. This way, you’ll know the people you hire are well-equipped to do the job. Let Inter-Connect help! We’re a top staffing agency in the Tri-State area, and we’ll help you find the people you need. Contact us today to learn more!

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