October 22, 2021

When you’re looking to add more people to your workforce, you may have considered working with a staffing agency. But with a few choices of what type of staffing you’d like, you may be lost in the terminology. You could choose a temporary worker, a direct-hire worker, or a temp-to-hire worker. What is that, and why would you want to go this route? 

What is temp-to-hire?

It’s exactly as it sounds. A temp-to-hire employee starts with your company just temporary. If you decide the person could be a good fit for full-time, permanent employment, you can extend a hiring offer to them. At that point, they transition from an employee of the staffing agency to an employee of your company.  

Six reasons to consider temp-to-hire staffing

When it comes to filling your company with top talent and getting work done, temp-to-hire offers a few advantages: 

  1. Flexibility. A temp-to-hire employee could come on for a short time to fill any staffing gaps. You are under no obligation to hire the full-time, and this gives you flexibility in your staffing mix. You can quickly and easily staff up to meet a need (for example, seasonal or project-based) and then return to your previous staffing level when you need to.  
  1. Evaluate before hiring. It can be nerve-wracking when you’re faced with hiring decisions. Bad hires can be costly to your business and detrimental to the employees around them. But when you have time to evaluate a person’s performance and alignment with your company culture, you’ll have a few clues as to whether they’d be a good choice long-term.  
  1. Avoid bad hires and turnover. When you make better placements, you avoid the cost of turnover. It’s really that simple! Temp-to-hire employees give you time to make the right decision for your company and help you preserve your budget.  
  1. Save on employee costs. When they start with you as a temp, the worker is technically an employee of the staffing agency. This means the agency handles costs like benefits, recruiting, hiring, and screening costs. Not to mention, they are responsible for payroll paperwork, unemployment compensation, and taxes. So, if the person ends up not working out, you save time and money on all these things.  
  1. Gain a skilled worker. Temporary workers have a wide range of experience, from entry level to professional, and they exist in just about every industry. If you’re worried your temp won’t have the right qualifications, you don’t need to worry.  
  1. Find a hard-working employee. Temps work just as hard as your committed full-timers! And that’s especially true in temp-to-hire situations when they realize that doing a great job can result in a full-time, permanent job offer. Plus, if they’re a perfect match for your company, they’re in a position where they can thrive.  

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