October 29, 2021

Are you looking for a new job? Your qualifications make a big difference! Sure, you’ll need the basic skills like education and experience. But other “soft” skills can make you more attractive to an employer. These skills can be applied across all job fields and make you an even better employee if you have them.  

Top soft skills to build

Right now, you’re probably wondering what the most popular soft skills are that employers look for. Some you may already have and not even realize it. While others you can work on building. The following are the top four most popular soft skills: 

  1. Teamwork. How well do you work with other people on your team? Your ability to get along with people and connect to get the job done is very important to a workplace. Employers want employees with good teamwork skills because they help make a company atmosphere fun, productive, and positive.  
  1. Communication. Of course, you’ll need to talk with your coworkers during the workday. The better you can communicate, the easier it will be to share thoughts and ideas that help the process run smoothly. Good communication includes speaking, listening, and writing (such as email communication). If you’re a good communicator, you’ll be much easier to work with and valuable to the team.  
  1. Self-awareness. One way to get along well with others is to be aware of your own behavior and how it affects those around you. If you have a high level of self-awareness, you’re mindful of your words, tone, and body language—and how it can affect other people. Another benefit of self-awareness is understanding what you’re good at and what you need to learn. This will prompt you to ask questions and do your job to the best of your ability, learning as you go 
  1. Leadership. Are you good at inspiring those around you? If so, you may be a good leader! Leadership skills involve helping others to do their job well. Leadership is important if you want to grow in your role with the company.  

Do you have what it takes?

Some of these skills you may already have and should include on your resume. But others you may want to work on. That’s OK! Take steps every day to get better at your job skills and what you do.  

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