June 4, 2019

Your focus is critical for your productivity at work. We all know the feeling of drifting off into daydreams, and a lack of focus can lead to mistakes or even safety issues, depending on the nature of your job.

You can help keep your focus laser-sharp during your workday with the following tips:

  1. Block out or eliminate distractions. This can be easier said than done, but think of a library—the environment is quiet and conducive to reading. The same can be said of your work station. If your phone is buzzing, or you’re compelled to check email or the internet, it can make it harder to concentrate (and easier to make mistakes!). Stow your cell phone in a safe place during work hours so it can’t distract you, and save internet and emails for in-between tasks. If it’s noisy near your desk, grab your earbuds and tune into a white noise app on your phone to block out distractions.
  2. Make a to-do list. When you have a plan, you set yourself up for success! At the beginning of your shift, make a to-do list you can reasonably achieve and rank higher-priority tasks first. When you have a clear idea of what you need to do, it can help you to regain focus and be more productive.
  3. Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep and eat well. Research shows that lack of sleep can lead to concentration and memory problems—so get your zzzzs every night! Stay hydrated and eat a healthy lunch, with lean protein, and fresh fruit and veggies for sustained energy. It doesn’t hurt to have a cup of coffee as a pick-me-up, but try to stick to one, since too much caffeine can make you more jittery than focused.
  4. Ask questions when you need help. One of the most distracting elements when you’re trying to get your work done can be not knowing how you’ll complete your task. You may find yourself procrastinating when you’re not sure what you need to do. Always ask questions and get the help you need to get your job done right and on time.
  5. Take breaks. Your 10-minute and meal breaks are there for a reason—they help you rest, rejuvenate and regain your focus. When you skip breaks in an attempt to get more done, you may actually end up getting less accomplished. Just like your body, your brain needs a rest to perform at its best.

Need something new?

Sometimes, your focus may be off because you don’t feel challenged or your job no longer holds your attention. And if it’s time to find something new, it helps to work with a recruiter. As a valuable ally in your job search, your recruiter can make it faster and easier to find a new job.

If you’re in search of light industrial or office/administrative work, give Inter-Connect a call today! We’ll work with you to find a new job you love.

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