May 27, 2019

How “green” is your company? It’s hard to ignore the current push for more sustainable ways of doing everything—from recycling to energy conservation, to the push for going paperless. Companies are jumping in on the plight to help our planet, and moving from paper to electronic communication can make a huge difference when you consider the hundreds or thousands of pages you print every month. Beyond being a role model for the environment, going paperless provides plenty of other advantages to your business.

Six advantages of electronic communications

Though it may be impossible to be 100 percent paperless, every effort you can make will have an impact—on the Earth, and on the following:

  1. Save money How much is your business currently spending on paper, printers, and supplies such as toner cartridges? Electronic communications negate the need for all these physical items.
  2. Stay organized Clunky file cabinets and hanging folders? There’s no need when you go paperless. You can reduce clutter in your office space and neatly organize files right within your computer or online environment.
  3. Easily back up your documents Paper files are gone forever once damaged. But electronic files give you multiple sources for back up, including an external hard drive, flash drive or cloud.
  4. Quickly find paperwork With the swift touch of a keystroke, you can find important client and company files. Depending on permissions set up within your system, multiple employees can access files when needed. This saves you the time of searching through a file cabinet.
  5. Communicate more efficiently Marketing, customer announcements, internal employee communications, newsletters and more are easier and cheaper to circulate electronically. You avoid the need for printing, shipping, and posting.
  6. Keep information safe Data security is a hot topic in today’s working world. Electronic filing systems prevent the need for paper shredders and make it much easier to keep confidential information secure.

Is it time for a shift?

It takes effort to transition from a paper to electronic working environment and will be a learning curve for staff. But your efforts will be worth it when you realize the above rewards—for the environment, your business and your budget.

Need to staff up?

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