February 2, 2022

Good news if you’re looking around for a new job: many employers are currently hiring! The pandemic led to many people deciding to leave their jobs, and this has left openings and opportunities, depending on your industry. But what if you’re not sure where to begin looking?

In the Illinois, Missouri and Iowa Tri-State region, follow these tips if you’re in search of a new job:

Go online.

Seems easy enough, right? Most of us spend a considerable amount of time online these days, and searching for a job is no exception. This is also the place where most employers post job openings. Check popular sites like monster.com and indeed.com. If you have a specific employer you’d like to work for, visit their website directly to look for openings. While you’re looking at job descriptions, you can gain valuable information, such as common skills employers require and how many jobs are open for people in your skill set.

Visit LinkedIn.

It’s not just for resumes anymore! Yes, LinkedIn began as a spot to post a live resume to share with employers and recruiters. But this popular site now features job posts you can peruse. You can also set up alerts to be notified by email or text if a job in your field opens up—and be one of the first people to apply! LinkedIn is also a great place to network with other professionals and get noticed by recruiters.

Reach out to companies.

If there’s a company you’re interested in working for, it never hurts to reach out to the hiring manager directly with your resume. Why? Many companies are frequently hiring and you never know if there’s an opening. This move shows initiative, which can be attractive to a hiring manager. Plus, even if there’s not a role open right now, the company can keep your resume on file for future needs.

Work with a recruiter.

This is a top way to find jobs that are unadvertised. Visit a recruiter’s website for their job search page to check out possible opportunities. You can also contact a recruiter to introduce yourself, explain your qualifications and what you’re looking for, and get connected to any jobs that might be a good match. In the Tri-State area, Inter-Connect is a top recruiter for jobs like: administrative/clerical, industrial, office/clerical, professional/managerial and technical positions.

Find out more today!

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